Our Philosophy - Earth 3.0 Requires Intelligent Capital

The installment of the internet has created a gateway to a better world. And while many industries remain rooted in the past, there’s been an emergence of new solutions across consumer and enterprise spaces transforming lives for the better. New infrastructure transformation and the recent wave of technology companies are paving the way to the next generation of category defining companies that truly will move the world forward.

Earth 3.0 is within reach, and capital is the catalyst.

At the same time, the way of capital is diverging. With 10x the amount of venture capital in H1 2021 ($150B) vs all of 2011, the asset class has grown rapidly. Yet not only has it grown, it has evolved. Today there are players addressing the market in ways never seen before. Hedge funds moving at lightning speed while pushing the bounds of “founder friendly.” Syndicate marketplaces, private platforms, secondary marketplaces, and democratized regulatory tailwinds to enable broader access to this risky asset class. Wall Street has arrived, and the spirit of Silicon Valley has its own takes.

Renn has developed its own technology to facilitate a new paradigm of investing.

And we would be remiss if we did not address the arrival of the blockchain space, driving the unknown potential of decentralized finance, new metaverses, trustless contracts, and more while amassing over $2T in aggregate market cap in just over a decade.

So where does this put us?

Well, over the course of the last seven years we have been quietly sharpening our pencils on how to think of the market. We’ve been honing our skills to understand the game across all sides of the table. We have been earning our way onto incredible cap tables with the founder and investor references to back it up. And have directly originated 210m+ in credit opportunities while supporting credit focused capital markets into the billions.

While we have pioneered novel solutions in venture at the intersection of equity and credit, we are just getting started.

Our thesis is quite simple: Earth 3.0 requires intelligent capital to generate incredible impact.

There exists an extraordinary amount of capital in the ecosystem, which as a result, has become commoditized. So, we believe those with the right partner and capital strategy harbor a competitive advantage.

We have seen it first hand and have enabled extraordinary growth across the portfolio through sophisticated business model strategies and an optimal mix of venture capital, debt, and tokens as appropriate.

We do not fight against other big name firms for ownership mandates; as a matter of fact we co-invest with many of them. We believe that intelligent capital aligns interests across the board.

Is your capital intelligent?
Intelligent capital enables high impact winners.