Growth Equity & Venture Capital

We aim to opportunistically leverage existing breakouts in our portfolio, and continue excelling in the Fintech venture space. After three funds, Renn Global is spinning out of an exclusive joint venture and raising our inaugural external venture capital fund.


in Growth Equity & Venture Capital
Institutional Portfolio Companies‚ÄĆ
7 Years
Actively Deploying

Multi-Strategy Edge in Technology

Renn's specialized background in tech venture x private credit enables unique deal access with top tier equity sponsors. The result is extraordinary outcomes across growth equity and credit.

Proprietary Partnerships & Deal Flow
We co-invest with multiple top tier sponsors across venture and credit ecosystems, providing us with substantial deal flow, intelligence, and advocacy.
Renn offers a unique hybrid funds + proprietary syndication platform (CQ) enables our investor members the best of both world.
Differentiated Entry Point Strategy
We invest in inflection point level companies that still have 10-100x upside potential. We will often be pre-emptive in the way we participate and structure investments to ensure ownership targets amongst highly competitive companies.
Ecosystem & Financial Expertise
Renn has established an extraordinary mentor network with leading experts across the industry. These mentors are strategically assigned to portfolio companies based on their individual expertise.